VIP Rewards Will Be Returning Soon

Our developers are working with a third part to get the rewards program working correctly. We didn't want to hold off the launch of our new site any longer so we are going to move forward and get the VIP Rewards up as soon as possible. We will import your rewards from previous orders into the new site so you won't be missing out on your future savings. We appreciate everyone's patience with us while we have been working on this.

Facebook: 10 Points for "Liking" a page (max 1000 pts / day)

Twitter: 10 Points for Tweeting a page (max 1000 pts / day)

Google+: 500 points for +1 a page (max 2000 pts / day)

Newsletter: Sign up to receive 2,500 points

Redeem: 1,000 VIP Points = $1

Help a friend: Transfer points to your friends

Our VIP Rewards program is currently in beta. All points earned can still be redeemed anytime and will still be valid when we officially launch this program. We are considering this beta because we are aware that bugs may still exist. If you experience any issues earning or spending your VIP points please email

We are working on the social sharing part of the rewards program. If you want to earn VIP Points with G+ all you need to do is click the G+ button at the top of any page. You can earn VIP Points for each page you plus one. We should have the Facebook and Twitter buttons live soon. You will see a popup box message letting you know that you are earning points for your Like or Plus One.

VIP Points are only redeemable for future purchases at and cannot be converted to cash or gift cards. VIP Points cannot be earned or redeemed when purchasing over the phone. VIP Points cannot be earned from previous orders before the official launch of the VIP Rewards program. Current earning and spending rates can change at anytime. We reserve the right to end the VIP Rewards program at anytime. We reserve the right to suspend accounts and VIP Points if we believe they were obtained through suspicious activity.