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Have you dreamed of going to the Masters? Have you thought that it was out of your schedule, too far away, maybe not in your price range? Think again. Totally Tickets is not just a place to buy Masters tickets, it's your one-stop Masters event planning center. Because we have an office that is within walking distance to Augusta National, we can set you up with everything you need to have an incredible Masters' experience.

Buy Masters Tickets

Totally Tickets sells Masters tickets, Masters badges, and Masters practice round tickets. Are you a solo adventurer, looking to soak in the experience? We've got you covered. Masters on a budget? Totally doable. Maybe you're bringing Dad for the trip he has always longed for. Two tickets to go! Perhaps your company wants to take a group? Maybe 10, 30, 50 tickets? We can handle that. Whatever your need is, Totally Tickets can get you to the greens.

Totally Tickets will also buy Masters tickets (your extra practice round tickets or tournament badges). We have been building great relationships with badge holders for years because we know how important it is that they are safely returned at the end of the tournament. If you have extra practice round tickets or Masters badges to sell just fill out our contact form, email or call 405-295-2222. Let us know the day and quantity you have so we can quote you a price.

Masters Trip Planning

Once you've got your practice round tickets or tournament day badges, you need to get there. Totally Tickets is on it! We can arrange hotel or housing accommodations, golf outings, airfare or anything else you can dream up to make your trip an unforgettable bucket list memory. Our service is personal and tailored to your needs, whether it's budget or bankrolled.

If you’re with a corporate group, we can make it into a VIP-class trip for everyone involved. We can set up a corporate trip for up to 50 that includes hospitality, private jets, 24 hour onsite drivers, chefs, spa visits in the evenings, and more. If you can think it up, we can bring it up. Totally Tickets is here to make your Masters experience, or perhaps your client's experience, the absolute best they can be.

Masters Hospitality

Once again we have partnered with the 1018 Club. Why the 1018 Club? Because we expect the best for our customers. The 1018 Club is located between our Augusta office and the Augusta National golf course. Take a look at the video below to see everything they have to offer and you can find daily prices at Masters Hospitality.