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There are two bands called Unibrow, one from The Netherlands and one from America. Unibrow (Eindhoven, The Netherlands): Unibrow hails from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. That’s right, the city once known for the Dynamo Open Air festival, and we’re so old we actually remember going there. The origins of Unibrow lie somewhere in the late nineties, when Fjodor (vocals) and Tom (guitars and drum programming) founded the semi-legendary 2-piece drum computer driven deathgrind band Infected Entrails, which would occassionally be joined by Alex on bass. Another guitar player, Marco, was added and Fjodor started playing an actual drum kit. When Yuri joined as the new vocalist, the name was changed to Gutfuck, which was a perfect expression of the band’s offensive music, lyrics and attitude at the time. When Tom decided to quit in 2003, another guitarist, Bart was quickly recruited and the style of music evolved into an aggressive blend of death, grind and hardcore elements where the blastbeats were never far away. A demo was recorded and some shows were played. The name was then changed to 5m3, which was probably the least catchy band name in music history. Was it short for ‘Five Modern Manly Men’, or was it just a poorly thought out marketing ploy to be on top of any alphabetically ordered list of bands? Whatever the case may have been and whatever drugs we may have been on when we thought this would work out, this line up remained stable until 2011, recording 2 demos and playing some live shows. In 2011, Bart quit the band and the remaining four members decided to drop the guitar tuning to B and continue under the name Unibrow. Unibrow kicks you in the go-nads with breackneck speed blastbeats, bad-ass brutal riffing and ground-shaking breakdowns. Unibrow also has a strict no clean vocals policy, so have no fear, there will be no emo choruses. Ever. Check us out live, kick each other senseless in the pit and have a beer with us. You’re buying, ’cause we’re broke… Well, at least some of us are. Unibrow is: Alex – Bass Fjodor – Drums Marco – Guitars Yuri – Vocals Unibrow (Chicago, USA): Songwriter/guitarist/visionary Dan Fulkerson formed the power trio Unibrow in the confused, cross-eyed music scene in and around Wicker Park in Chicago. Unibrow quickly graduated from small clubs to performing at larger and more challenging venues. At the Chicago club The Metro, Dan received the moniker "Zeus" for his blazing guitar work. Having played top-tier local venues such as The Double Door, The Metro and Schuba's, Chicago-based heavy power-pop trio, Unibrow, have been no strangers to the Chicago music scene. With legendary engineer, Steve Albini (Nirvana, Page/Plant, Cheap Trick) at the helm recording all tracks on analog tape, their full-length 2010 album release, "Unibrow I", is by far the best heavy power-pop Chicago has heard. Where other bands have concerned themselves with perfecting their "look" or image, Unibrow has understood the importance of perfecting and cultivating their sound and creativity, showcasing acrobatic guitar stylings (Dan Fulkerson), tasty bass riffs (Jaime Woods) and thunderous drum techniques (Bill Beam) that the band has become known for, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.