The Soft Parade Tickets

Dutch psychedelic rockgroup Soft Parade is founded 1990 by composers Hans Bos and Eric Maas. Later they are joined by Dick Brouwers and Jay Pollet. Signed to his Anxious Records label, the first album PUUR (1992) was produced by David A. Stewart (Eurythmics). Full of hope and positivism, the songs are heavily based on sixties songwriting such as Velvet Undergound and Beatles but sound brilliant and very contemporary. A second album Get Well Soon (1995) show a far more gloomy and disturbing world and in a way announce the end of what must have been one of the most promising bands from Europe in the nineties. Bos later starts the Carcassettes label, introducing himself as lo-fi act Speaker. Maas names his new alternative guitar rockband Stereo Apollo after the last unpublished Soft Parade song. Brouwers turns up as bass guitarist and/or keyboard player with different acts like Shine, 13, Daryll-Ann and Ellen Ten Damme. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.