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Places may refer to one of three artists. 1) "It’s hard to get a handle on Places, the solo recording project of Marietta’s Nico Giarrano. First of all, there’s that name, possibly the least Google-friendly moniker I’ve ever come across. Then there’s the prolificacy. Places’ Bandcamp page displays 7 releases since October 2009, and there’s not really a unifying stylistic theme between them. Much of it is lo-fi singer-songwriter material, but this is much more adventurous and diverse than your typical bedroom laptop act. There are detours into collage and ambience, and even some of the more straightforward material is layered with loops of clattering percussion and other off-kilter touches." - 2) "Where We Are Right Now" is the debut album from the band PLACES. Comprised of lifelong friends and brothers, PLACES formed in 2007 located in Denver, CO. After members relocated back and forth from Montana to Colorado to keep the band going, PLACES recorded and released this album in 2010. Fueled by singer/songwriter Tyler Glasgow as well as Jordan McDonald, Jon Hatridge, and brothers Checkers, Branden, and Drew Barker, PLACES brings a unique approach and a style that is all their own. Using a dual drum attack and blending several styles and genres effortlessly, Where We Are Right Now is a solid listen from start to finish. Honest lyrics and soulful delivery mixed with clever hooks and a guilty charm makes this album an easy one to get in to, and these Denver boys wouldn't have it any other way. This one will stay in your stereo and in your head. 3) Places (originally The Places) are an alternative-pop band from Ostrava, Czech Republic. Their music is influenced mainly by British indie scene with a touch of post-rock and psychedelia. They formed in 2010, released 3 EPs and played many gigs around the Czech Republic since. They released their debut album "Distant Edges", recorded and produced by Tomas Neuwerth in Koprivnice (CZ), in March 2016 and a single "Goodbye to Me (Traveller)" in 2017. - Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.