Phunk Junkeez Tickets

The Phunk Junkeez are an rap/rapcore band from Phoenix, Arizona, that formed in 1991 and have established a strong underground following both in Arizona and nationwide. The band regularly tours the United States and Japan. The Phunk Junkeez fuse a number of different styles in their music, from hardcore punk to trip-hop. Many of the band's early shows involved breaking into warehouses in the Phoenix area and performing to fans who were all told by word-of-mouth, attracting the attention of local police who threatened to throw the band in jail. These parties are still rumored to be continuing to this day. Their music attracted a loyal following. At a September 24, 1993 Concert at the Mesa Amphitheater in Mesa, AZ, (opening for dada), the band had to be pulled from the stage. The band played for several minutes past its alloted set. The band would not leave the stage despite the requests of the producer and threats of calling the police. This forced the venue to shut off the mics of the Junkeez. Despite this, and the disdain of the crowd, the junkeez continued to play for several minutes. After the junkeez left the stage, a large percentage of the audience left the venue, not wanting to see the mild pop of dada, despite the popularity of their hit song "i'm going to dizzkneeland"j The band released their self-titled debut-album in 1992. This album, as well as Injected (1995), Fear of a Wack Planet (1998) and Sex, Drugs and Rap N' Roll (2001) were all released by the independent label Ichiban Records and received virtually no radio support in the United States due to their at-times-explicit lyrics. Injected did produce one successful single, "Chuck", which was played in rotation on Australian youth network Triple J, which has very few restrictions on profanities on the air. The song came in at number #56 on the Hottest 100 that year. In 2002, the Phunk Junkeez signed a recording deal with Suburban Noize Records and released their fifth album, Rock It Science, the following year. A new album, entitled The Good, the Bad, the Phunkee, is scheduled for release 2007. Since then, the Phunk Junkeez have been rocking the streets of your backyard and sending your head into another twisted lyrical world of funk! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.