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Thundering power fused to sparkling accessibility: from the downbeat, Paperback Hero is a band blessed with both strength and intellect, champions of a monumental sound elevated by an endearing, prophetic optimism. In one short year, the North Hollywood, California-based group has earned both a loyal west coast audience and expanding national media visibility. As winners of the 2005 KROQ-Budweiser-Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands, their electrifying live performances provided potent persuasion for industry judges and new fans alike. The show isnt just us, declares vocalist Bryan Hopkins, its the crowd and us, all together in the same room. All four members of Paperback Hero have separate, intertwining histories in the L.A. rock scene. There is a tangible chemistry and an intense brotherhood. Hopkins and bassist Dan Fine were the first two components; they invited guitarist Chris Latham over to play casually with every intention of enlisting him, while drummer Pete Burke, originally a pay-to-play hired gun, was soon conscripted as a full member. Notably, the quartet shares mutual credit as songwriters. Dan Fine, the detail guy, injects structure to Hopkins enthusiastic aspirations; Latham, also an accomplished recording engineer, contributes studio expertise and incendiary guitar chops, while beneath the hard-driving drumming of Burke beats a deep, thoughtful rhythm. From their first gig, it was apparent to the band and the audience alike that this was the real deal. Every time we hit the stage its magic, confirms Fine. Wed been in all kinds of bands, but weve never experienced this reaction from the people. A do-it-yourself incentive drives the bands ambitious marketing savvy. In just 12 months theyve written, recorded and produced a self-titled debut album, created an EPK and shot their first video, awarded All Access Magazines Video of the Year while earning a spot on Passengers flying on United Airlines domestic carrier, TED, can hear signature tracks from the band inflight. No Long Goodbyes, their song from the hit network show Felicity, is included on the series DVD Season 3 box set and an audience of 20 million movie viewers will know Call Out, from hearing it first in Regal Cinemas nationwide. Clearly, the band is not marking time. Thats all we know, explains Hopkins, Do it yourself or nothing happens. Four musicians, one purpose: driven by potent rock energy and ingenious pop sensibilities, Paperback Hero is creating a distinctive new soundtrack for their courageous musical mission. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.