Nemes Tickets

1. Nemes has been DJ'ing from the late 90s. His music style varies from hard nrg to freeform and hardcore from artists like Alek Szahala, Carbon Based, Re-Form, DOK, Ki-Real and Ferox. This year he has made his way to clubs and bigger events. Nemes, Carbon Based & E-Nrg have spent the last months touring their native Finland, which culminated to a live PA at Koneisto, Finland's biggest festival of electronic music. There they played alongside the likes of Hybrid and London Elektricity. There's also upcoming live PA's and DJ gig's in Finland and as well in the UK (Lost The Plot 26th December in Stafford). As a producer Nemes has been working his whole youth and has been involved in several projects. One of the more serious ones was HardLite (trance and psy-trance, 1999-2001). The group made a lot of gigs in southern Finland and recorded a Finnish CD compilation electron 1 - HardLite 'Wake up (i heard something)' (electron records). In the end of the year 2001 Nemes became a solo artist and started producing hard house. When hard house started to feel too repetative he moved to hard nrg, hard trance and freeform and started working in co-operation with Carbon Based & E-NRG. Together they produced tracks named Heaven'n'Hell, Prologue and Charmed Dreams which were all soon signed to Electronic and Electrolysis. There´s also upcoming releases from Nemes & Blender called Without Fear on Camel and Inquition on Electrolysis. Future looks bright now as there´s remix projects to Electronic and Camel and other upcoming relases. 2.Nemes started as an acoustic band when brothers Christopher Anthony and David Anthony started jamming in their basement around two thousand years ago. They are well known in the area for their fantastic stage presence and energetic live performances. The first show played as Nemes was in February of 2004, featuring Joshua Knowles and David Anthony. For the next two years, Nemes continued to play their acoustic set, mainly at small venues and at their high school's acoustic nights. In late 2006, Nemes was put on hold when Dave Anthony and Josh Knowles played for My Sweet Contender. As of Spring 2007, Nemes has returned full stride with two new members and a completely new sound, having matured musically enough to make the move from an acoustic set to a full electric band. Nemes released their first electric EP, 865, in early 2008. The EP was later re-released in the spring of 2009 with 2 new tracks, Sheep Sheep and Pipe Song, recorded at Strangeways Recording with Mike Poorman. Their newest EP, Third Time's a Charm!, was released in the summer of 2010. The EP has acoustic versions of Nemes' newest tracks. The band is currently working on recording their next electric EP, expected to be released in early 2011. Sam Corner left the band in the fall of 2010 for personal reasons. He continues to play with the band when he can. Greg McKillop also left in the fall of 2010 in order to pursue his solo music career. They are replaced by good friends of the band, Mikey Molloy on guitar and Alex Glover on bass. Current Lineup: Dave Anthony (Guitar/Vocals) Chris Anthony (Drums) Mikey Molloy (Guitar) Josh Knowles (Violin/Vocals) Alex Glover (Bass) Previous Members: Sam Corner (Guitar) Greg McKillop (Bass) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.