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There are three artist known as Mercury: 1. A Swiss house duo with prominent releases on Gomma. 2. An American Rock band. 3. South Korean Girl Group. 1. Mercury is two guys. Mel, a former Hip-Hop DJ who recently discovered his love for gay rock music and ethno-influenced 80s synthesizer pop. Then Simon, actually a drummer who is still deep into UK 2-step music from the early post-millennium era. They both look like birds. Mel like a turkey. Simon like the cartoon bird on MTV who gets killed a million times by the angry cat. Together they play and produce neoclassic House music. For the rest of us it means: soulful, sometimes even gospel-ish, drum and percussion oriented, bass driven House with a slight vintage timbre. Cool stuff, you know. 2. Justin - Vocals/Guitar Eric - Guitar/Vocals Adam - Drums Kurt - Bass With their eye-opening full length debut CD, mercury has turned heads and garnered high praise from press and radio outlets across the northeast. A hard work ethic along with dedication and pride in their live show have helped secure a strong and loyal army of mercury fans and supporters. If it is rock you seek, it is rock you shall find. "Mercury's self titled album is a strong effort from this Pittsburgh band. The album's opening track "Superhero" displays the bands talented song writing abilities with a hook that will be stuck into your head after just one listen. After that, the tracks "Falling Star" and "Ghosts & Angels" are equally impressive, showing that this band has an all around great sound. With emotion filled lyrics, and great musicianship, Mercury's album is strong from start to finish. Each song brings its own unique elements, with perfectly arranged guitars, and vocals that rival many of today's prominent bands. In a world where many of today's unsigned bands seem to blend together, Mercury clearly stands out from the pack. Its only a matter of time before these guys get the recognition they deserve." Recommended if you like * Foo Fighters * Fuel 3. On March 6 of 2016, the agency Gaon Entertainment debuted its new female group, called Mercury (머큐리). The group initially consisted of three girls - HanBit (한빛), HyeNa (혜나) and SeHee (세희) - and debuted with the song "Do not Stop". This is a track produced by OTHANKQ. Near its comeback that occurred on 07/18/2016, a new member was announced for the group: SeoA. (RIGHT TAG: 머큐리) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.