Kindred Tickets

There are at least 4 bands: 1)Kindred - Representing Limburg Area Hardcore, Kindred was one of the first bands ever released on Goodlife that was not from the 'H8000 crew'. After Kindred called it quits, some members of the band went on to form 'Enemy of the Sun' but after a while they split up for good. Shortly after that Eric & Walter started a new band called Troublelovesus, but that's also history. Maarten played some time in Ampslamper but they are dead, just like the other bands. Line up: Eric A. Sefton - vocals, Jan Beckers - guitars, Walter Beckers - bass, Maarten Beckers - drums 4) Kindred - A Nu Metal band from Australia. Line up: Vocals - HOFF, Rhythm Guitar - JONO, Lead Guitar - RYAN, Bass - JAMIE, Drums - PETE 3)Kindred - An American R&B/neo soul duo comprised of Fatin Dantzler and his wife, Aja Graydon. Signed to Hidden Beach Records, Kindred emerged from the Philadelphia neo-soul movement that also includes Jill Scott, who discovered them. After two years of work on the CD, Hidden Beach issued their debut album "Surrender to Love" which included, among others, the songs "Stars" and "Far Away." 4) Kindred - An electronic producer from Melbourne, Australia. -SC: -FB: And about five other bands, some current, some defunct, that because the were Christian, World, Celtic, etc., used that as a differentiator and appropriated the name Kindred, with such innovative and distinctive derivatives as The Kindred, or Kindred Sound, or Kindred Beat, or Kindred Tune, none of which are actually innovative or distinctive. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.