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Since forming in 2000, Howitzer has continued to uphold this objective and create an identity for themselves. The three-piece metal outfit includes: Jeremy Jalowiec (Drums), Beau Diveley (Bass), and Matthew Moody (Guitar), with each member having a distinctive vocal style to contribute, as well as an equal role in the writing process. “The main idea between having three vocalists was that everybody could have a chance to play front man. We didn’t want to add a lead singer or another guitarist to the band because we felt like that was the easy way out. There is just something very unique and remarkable about a power trio,” Beau says. Hailing from Phoenix, Howitzer began as a hardcore punk band with minimal influences. “When we started, I just wanted to play punk music. It was raw, it was loud, and it was aggressive,“ explains Moody. “Later, I became fascinated by metal and just pushed my punk roots to the side because I thought I had to. But the older I became, the more I started listening to other genres like blues and classic rock. I realized I just wanted to play music. I didn’t need to have boundaries and limit myself.” This mentality has helped shape the band into what they have become, which is a collection of their musical tastes. Over the years, Howitzer has developed into a new breed of thrash metal, with additional emphasis on dynamics, groove, and songwriting. Although they have a sound reminiscent of Slayer and Pantera, they definitely have created something unique and continue to grow into something much more than just a metal band. Other subtle influences include everything from Cream and Zeppelin to Black Flag and the Ramones. The Echoes of Prometheus, Howitzer’s chest-pounding new album, is clearly a representation of their own musical identity and shows the band is willing to take some chances, but still maintain their roots. The hit single, The Vision, exemplifies their songwriting abilities with a mixture between catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. For The Flawless is a very vocal-based hardcore anthem that provides the listener with some of the heaviest material on the album while The Traveler demonstrates their melodic capabilities and dynamic nature, while still preserving the signature Howitzer sound. Other highlights include Becoming The Antidote and Bury That Cross, which provide clean vocal hooks that have recently been introduced on this record and show a maturity in songwriting and growth as a band. In Our Name and Rise To Power, the band’s prior efforts, have displayed their progression from a thrash metal band into something much more on The Echoes of Prometheus; Howitzer has transformed into a versatile metal band with many genres as influences. The band’s last three albums have all been recorded and produced at Villain Recording with Byron Filson and Aaron Laman in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the last decade, the band has also helped to establish and maintain an Arizona music scene. “When we started, we didn’t have anybody to give us a push in the right direction,” states Jeremy. “There weren’t any bands willing to do the leg work, whether selling tickets, printing fliers, or setting up shows themselves. Promoters were far and few between. We were tired of it! It became very clear that we were going to have to do something ourselves and that’s just what we did. Our mission was to not only become the biggest band in the valley, but to be the most successful.” In 2012, their determination and perseverance paid off, when over 1,200 friends and fans appeared at the Marquee Theatre to help commemorate the release of their latest album, The Echoes of Prometheus. They proved that the show was not a fluke by bringing in close to the same number two years prior for their second album release of In Our Name. Through self promotion, DIY work ethic, and trial and error, Howitzer has developed a name around the scene amongst club owners and bands, as well as the nationally recognized radio station, 98KUPD. Their reputation, along with an insane live performance, has gained themselves opening slots for some of the world’s biggest names, such as Suicidal Tendencies, Five Finger Death Punch, Austrian Death Machine, Bleeding Through, Sevendust, Hatebreed, All That Remains, and many, many more. They supported Shadows Fall on a two week tour across the southern part of the United States and they were the headlining act on “The Emerging Faces of Metal” tour last summer, which exposed their music to the west coast, southwest and parts of the Midwest. They have also started to develop relationships with different companies and are proud to endorse Evans drum heads, Pearl, EVH, Jackson Guitars, DR Strings, InTune Guitar Picks, and Jagermeister. states, “They are gearing towards being arena players in the not too distant future. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them on a Rockstar Mayhem tour in the next year or two.” Howitzer is a band that has created everything on their own and will continue to give everything they have. The progression they have made throughout the years has been impeccable and they are determined to get to the top. In their name, Howitzer we trust. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.