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There are two bands with the name 'Health': 1. HEALTH is an noise rock band consisting of four members including Benjamin Jared Miller, Jake Duzsik, John Famiglietti, and Jupiter Keyes. All are from different cities including Seattle, San Diego, and their current home base, Los Angeles. Jake met Jupiter in college. John met Jake in a guitar store. Jared was drawn to the fold by way of Internet courtship. Health was created after its members agreed the name should be an "everyday word." The band is often considered noise rock, but besides having some slight elements of the genre, they don’t fit the sound of other, current bands included in the noise rock scene, due to them mixing such genres as dance and electronica. They have several releases to date, including one self-titled full length, a split with good friends Crystal Castles, another split with art punk band Elphaba, two tour CD-R’s, and one Tape release of them performing Live at the smell. In 2012, HEALTH composed the soundtrack for the Rockstar Games video game, Max Payne 3. Ivan Pavlovich, music director of Max Payne 3 said, “We wanted to give Max a sound that is really an identifiable sound and HEALTH as a band has an incredible sense of who they are and a very strong identity. When we saw HEALTH perform live it was very clear that they were the ones who were going to be able to capture this.” The score was nominated for Best Score in a Game and "Tears" was nominated for Best Song in a Game at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards. HEALTH later recorded a song called "High Pressure Dave" which appeared in Grand Theft Auto V; the song takes lyrics from "High Pressure Days" by The Units. Health's third studio album, Death Magic was released on August 7, 2015 on Loma Vista Records. The album's release was preceded by three singles: On April 23, 2015, Health premiered "New Coke" on Sirius XMU. The song "Stonefist" would be the second single released in June. On July 24, "Men Today" was released as the third track from the album. In February 2017, HEALTH followed up Death Magic with a third remix album, Disco3. 2. Health are a folk rock band with a soul feel from the depths of Greensboro, North Carolina. They consist of Marc Bernstein, Eben Dennis, Jonathan Moore, Anna Murray, Mark Wingfield. They lay out heavy, funky, smooth beats. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.