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Most bands go through their number of hardships; this is nothing new to the members of DRIVER SIDE IMPACT. Over their four years of being together they have endured some pretty bad luck including van break-ins, stolen equipment, and working through a number of line up changes. Holding strong, they’ve come out on top of things and are ready to start the New Year off right with the release of their EP, Double Vision, on January 12th. The band formed in 2004, and it didn’t take long before they were a popular fixture in the Cleveland area. Thy band put out their own EP, We Will Disappear, was co-headlining 800 to 1,000-seat arenas, and with their buzz continuing to grow it was only a matter of time before they received interest from Victory Records in May 2007. Soon after, DRIVER SIDE IMPACT released their first full-length Victory debut entitled, The Very Air We Breathe, taking them on a journey of adamant touring next to the likes of Bayside, Four Letter Lie and Mayday Parade. In 2008, DRIVER SIDE IMPACT teamed up with their previous producer, Don DeBiase, to release their second album, Lion. In an effort to continue reinventing themselves as a band and with the urge to take their sound in a different direction, Chris Reck was brought into the mix as the bands new vocalist. “Once we found Chris, we knew he would bring it,” says guitarist, Mark Woodridge. With the addition of Andrew Riccatelli (drums) and Jeheil Winters (bass), DRIVER SIDE IMPACT made their way to New Brunkswick, NJ to start building and developing their new sound. The result was a musical substance directly from the heart and soul of the band, Double Vision. “Since we recorded the record on our own, using what we had to work with, it was awesome to lay down tracks and not feel rushed in any way. We spent months working on this EP, we really did exactly what we wanted to do,” comments founding guitarist, Jack McGinty. The band now takes a new approach on both their live performances and writing processes. “We decided to stick to a musical formula that explored our rock roots,” explains Woodridge. In the New Year, the bands main priority is relentless touring. “The music is so much fun to play live; I think that was a huge factor in how we wrote the songs. When we feel the crowd on our side, it only makes us push even harder, this next year is going to be insane for us,” states Reck. Double Vision is a true representation of the direction DRIVER SIDE IMPACT is headed. “We worked a lot on lyrics and what we wanted to express. The music truly speaks for itself; Double Vision speaks from the heart.” Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.