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Formed at--and later expelled by--a fundamentalist bible school in 1996, Detholz! (pronounced "Death Holes!") originally formed the band to vent anger and frustration with their evangelical upbringings. Comprised of a disgruntled philosophy major from a South American missionary family, a church orchestra director, a computer programmer and a gigging R & B pianist, most of the members of Detholz! continue to lead double lives, straddling a fence between "Religion" and "Reality". Drawing from a broad range of pop and avant garde music as well as personal histories defined by arcane religious subculture, the band produced something that, from the beginning, defied easy categorization and had always produced the strongest of reactions: from nearly being arrested for inciting "satanic worship" during their first show to inspiring an award-winning Minnesotan pale ale named "IPA Belieiver" [after the Detholz! song, "IMA Believer"] Detholz!, of course, had long noted the connection between Satan and good beer. Most often described as an innovative mash-up of punk, new wave, and prog rock, Detholz! has always been defined by a restless drive to appropriate from a growing library of musical influences. Frequent comparisions to Devo, Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, and Sparks are always accompanied by observations that the music goes far beyond a simple hodgepodge of styles. While the band has labored happily underground since its inception, they have also been privileged to play and tour with bands such as Wilco, Weird War, Radio 4, Electric Six, Bobby Conn and The Glass Gypsies, and Thunderbirds Are Now. Individually, members have written, recorded, toured, and performed with artists such as The Staples Singers, Bobby Con and the Glass Gypsies, Baby Teeth, Annie Quick, and others. Taken from their official site, Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.