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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Chaos was a british UK82 band, came along in the second wave of punk. theyre probably most noteable for their song "tribal warfare" singing about the lack of dedication within the punk scene, and how mst punks at the time were more interested in dressing up and fitting into a standard of the subculture They released 2 live recordings and 4 demos: Alaska Studio Demo Ramm Studio Demo Tribal Warfare EP Urgent Act Now... You can help save this country EP 2) Chaos is an open project for improvisation based in Treviso, IT, and formed in 2002. Open to such an extent to take the liberty to have, as guests, musicians met the very same evening. The most surprising thing is the fact that all the songs are collective improvisations recorded live (Electric guitars, computer, synths and electric/acoustic percussions). Releases so far (all live improvisational recordings) quattordicidodicizerodue featuring Ciste & Suren from Sticking drops Comme au Temps du Chaos recorded before Michele Palmieri joined. Chaos lineup: Andrea Battaglion Gabriele Bruzzolo Michele Palmieri Joachim Thomas 3) Chaos is an Israeli band from Nazareth Chaos opened for Lamb Of God on their 30/5/2010 show in israel, in Hangar 11, Tel Aviv. 4) Chaos is also a Japanese IDM unit on the Insector Labo label (see Chaos [Insector Labo]). 5) ChAos is also a live acid/booty/electro/core/tek producer and DJ from Belgium. 6) Chaos is an alias of a Detroit based techno DJ and producer Marc Floyd. He had wo released as Chaos, Dot Dot Dash/Find Your Particular Space In Time (1999) and Condition Red (2000). He is also known as Dr. Pervorkian, Marc Floyd and UR-043. 7) Chaos was a Swiss punk band active around 1979 with tracks appearing on the "Rough Mixes From Switzerland" compilation. 8) Chaos was a French band affiliated with the LLN Black Metal movement. 9) Chaos is a Thrash Metal band from India. 10) Chaos is a Korean pop-band which consists of 5 boys. 11) Chaos is Nicholas Vincent Black a video game music remixer from the OverClocked ReMix community. 12) Chaos is a metal band formed in 2011 in Varkaus, Finland. After three demo albums "Mortality Makes the Humanity" was finally released in November 2015 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.