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Autodrone formed in early 2002, based on a mutual love of dream pop and early 90's Brit Rock. Seamlessly melding the sonic dynamics of noise and pop with throbbing bass lines, jagged, angular synths, searing dark atmospheric guitars and urgently violent banshee vocals, Autodrone have no problem reaching out from the stage to the crowd, grabbing you by the throat, and screaming in your face, even when in reality sometimes they are only whispering. Their shows are an intense emotional surge for the band and audience alike. Their self-released EPs have quickly developed the attention of the UK and American Press garnering universally favorable reviews, while easily selling out of print. They are fromNew York. Instrumentation Katie Kennedy - Sings Jeremy Alisauskas - Guitar noah john hanlon - Drums Angel Eagleston - Bass/Synth Annika Frances - Viola Reviews for Strike A Match: Shoegaze as a constant form still provides the thrills of its origin points, but admittedly too many bands avoid the sheer bite and anger of a lot of its earliest practitioners -- groups like early Lush, Bleach, the Charlottes, and of course My Bloody Valentine itself. New York's Autodrone, while not consciously drawing from many of those bands, finds its own strong voice on its full-length debut - 4 out of 5 stars - ALL MUSIC GUIDE "A palette of great songs that swing from dark-tinged, MBV-meets-electro-rock all the way to big, inspiring numbers built on a huge bed of sound. There’s a touch of pop-melodicism sprinkled throughout, but only when it feels necessary: the hooks are there, but they never dominate the tracks." - Will Joines, "One of the best albums I've heard this year...Go pick it up, it is that good. Oh and to any potential record labels looking for a band... these guys are believe or not currently unsigned!"-Joshua Pfeiffer, Reviews for Panic EP "Panic, while giving the finger to conventional standards of popular music, manages to be just as infectious as the most contrived pop sensations" - AltSounds "The EP is one of the best of the year" - AbsolutePunk "Noise-pop cum dance punk is the recipe that Autodrone has found all the ingredients for. Loud and melodic female vocals grip you from start to finish with pulsing bass grooves and atmospheric synths leading the way. The New York City based quartet has the New Order-esque dance rhythms down while the gothic tinged lyrics recall the Cure. But there's plenty of punk vibes to get your heart pumpin'. " – An all out assault!!!-Artrocker UK Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.