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Formed in 1988 as Acumen by Jason Novak (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack) and Jamie Duffy (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack) (originally as a four-piece with Jason's brother Ethan Novak as drummer), the band released several cassette demos before self-releasing the CD demo "Transmissions from Eville" in 1994. Although the glory days of the Industrial music scene in Chicago had faded by this point, through constant touring and sheer hard work on a number of different projects the duo have since established themselves as favorites in the US underground scene. In 1997, the band were forced to change their name due to a legal dispute with a Bluegrass band also called Acumen. Duffy and Novak split their project into two halves - the drum and bass influenced DJ? Acucrack, and the more traditional rock format of Acumen Nation. Discography Transmissions from Eville (Demo) (as Acumen; 1994; Robot Records), (as Acumen; 1994; Fifth Colvmn Records) Territory=Universe (as Acumen; 1996; Fifth Colvmn) Unkind (Unkind + Revelations Per Minute) (EP) (1997; Conscience Records) More Human Heart (1997; Conscience) If You Were (If You Were / Bleed for You) (EP) (1998; Conscience) Transmissions from Eville (Remastered) (1998; Conscience) Territory=Universe (Territory = Universe) (Universe) (Remastered) (1998; Conscience) Strike 4 (EP) (2000) Live Farewell 2001 (2001) The 5ifth Column (Fifth Column) (5th Column) (The Fifth Column) (2002; Invisible Records) Coming Down: The Bastard Remix Album (Coming Down (The Bastard Remix Album)) (Coming Down) (2002; Invisible) Lord of the Cynics (2003; Cracknation Records) Artifacts: 1990-1993 Volume 1 (Artifacts: 1990 - 1993 - Volume 1) (2004; Cracknation Records) Acumen Nation Live at Double Door 08/06/2004 (Cracknation Records) What the Fuck (What the F**k) (2005; Cracknation Records) Anticore (2006; Cracknation Records) Psycho the Rapist (2007; Cracknation Records) Unbound Saga: Official Game Soundtrack (23, November 2010; Cracknation Records) See also Cracknation Records, Cracknation Records Official Site Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.